Gold Fingers

Some believe the size of a man’s hands correlate to his virility. Because of this, petite-pawed men are sometimes the brunt of jokes. Most learn to laugh it off, but not one particularly thin-skinned presidential candidate.  When it comes to his hands, Trump neither forgives, nor forgets.  It all started when Graydon Carter called Trump a “small-fingered vulgarian”.  A quarter of a century later, Donald Trump is still protesting. Carter, reports that in the years since he first authored that remark, Trump has sent him numerous photos to prove his fingers aren’t small.  According to Carter, the photos always have the hands circled in gold Sharpie.  Thin-skinned, small-fingered, and lacking self-awareness, Donald seems to be more bothered by being accused of having baby hands, than he is by being called a vulgarian–or maybe he’s just compensating for other inadequacies.

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