Social Justice on the Side

Students at Oberlin College have passed petitions demanding the attention of campus dining officials, and the university’s president.  They are angered by the “cultural appropriation” occuring in their food service.  Having been served ethnic dishes that are inauthentic and culturally insensitive, their complaints include:

The chicken served in General Tso’s Chicken is “weird”.  

The sushi rice is “disrespectful”of the Japanese.

Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, are not made on real French baguettes.  (Adding injury to insult, they are served coleslaw, instead of pickled vegetables.  

The Tandoori Beef  contains beef.  (Highly insensitive to Hindus & anyone else whose religious practice includes sacred cows.)

Oberlin is the kind of institution which produces idealistic little social justice warriors, eager to remind others of their “privilege”.  Is there anything more emblematic of privilege, than young people who have yet to learn school cafeterias invented culinary misappropriation? Have these idealistic little twerps, grown up so privileged, that they’ve never eaten a school cafeteria favorites, like Chili Mac, Tamale Pie, or Pizza burgers?

Watch out Taco Bell.  It’s only a matter of time, before they come for the Chalupas.

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