Weekends with Bernie

Women with “daddy issues” can be more vulnerable to men’s advances.  Is it possible that voters with granddaddy-issues are also easy targets?

In the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul, an old guy, gained his largest support from America’s youngest voters.  This year, the oldest candidate in the race, is also the most popular among young voters–especially women.

Millennial women were expected to support Hillary Clinton, but that old commie coot, Bernie Sanders has proved irresistible.  As pundits scratch their poll-filled heads, trying  to understand his popularity, rapper Killer Mike may have provided an insight.  Killer Mike, was asked what made him decide to endorse Bernie.  He answered, “Smokin’ a joint and reading his tweets.”

Apparently, grass is part of his grassroots support.  This explains a lot.


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