BAD at COEXISTING..Teacher does not play well with others.

–AMHERST, MA  BDS is the acronym for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement.  This movement is popular wherever anti-Semites are found. It’s probably just coincidence that the movement is also popular in our nation’s universities.

Professor Mohammad Hamad,  of University of Massachusetts, started his own BDS campaign, putting “DON’T BUY” stickers on Sabra-brand hummus.  The stickers suggest Sabra supports apartheid.  Upon seeing his triumphant Facebook post, touting his gonzo guerilla garbanzo campaign, his colleague, Aline Gubrium, eagerly asked if she could have some stickers too.

No word yet on whether or not, these grown-ups with their stickers can discourage hummus lovers, but they’re probably not going to get good marks for respecting other people’s property.

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