Wussconsin Sports

It’s all fun & games until someone starts chanting.  In an effort to make sports kinder, The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (pronounced WAAA! released new guidelines on sportsmanship.  Hoping to stop taunting & disrespectful behavior at school sporting events, they suggest replacing “inappropriate chants” with “positive cheers”.

No more booing.  No more Na-na-na song.  No more chants of “air ball”, “we can’t hear you”, or “warm up the bus”.  Even chants of “U-S-A” have been classified as inappropriate.  At the time of this writing, non-sexual hugs, and golf claps were  still allowed.

So, what’s next for Wisconsin sports?  Velveeta-ized cheese heads?  Milwaukee Bucks replaced by gender-neutral deer?

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